THE GOAL FOR THE ‘LGU’ AT ISR IS TO CREATE A WELCOMING, ENCOURAGING ENVIRONMENT THAT INTRODUCES FEMALES TO THE GAME OF GOLF, AND HELPS GROW THE GAME IN OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY. League play will rotate among both front and back nines in order to give players a different experience SOCIALIZING AND LAUGHING ARE MANDATORY. SEE YOU THERE.To be eligible for the finale event a minimum of 4 meets have to have been played in and union fee paid.

Ladies Union Clinics

There will be 4 Ladies Clinics throughout the year covering different aspects of the game. All Ladies Union members are encouraged to attend when their schedule allows. A laid back atmosphere with basic fundamentals being taught will be the main focus. Clinics start promptly at 5:15 the night of play.

chip in pot and skins $1.00 weekly

$25.00 one-time league entry fee per person

$15.00 weekly golf fee per person -$5.00 if you are an ISR Member

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