Levi vredenburg is the last to enter the Cinco event today and gets his first ace. 9 iron 138 yds hole #13 at the ranch… Full field was thirsty… Congrats Levi

Tournament day shot

Cinco time Suns out… Carts are staged sombreros in place at the ranch… Let the day begin..

Which Isr hole is this… Guess and post to win a bucket of balls..

The Medlars Rule….

High Noon Shotgun
Mustache’s Mandatory….

Room for a couple more last minute teams…
$66 Food, Golf Sombrero’s & Fun

May 5th Saturday

406-889-5056 call to register

  1. 6-6-6 Format

Holes 1 – 6 Better Ball… Both play the hole and pick only the best score.
Holes 7 – 12 Alternate Shot… Pick a player to start the hole and alternate shots until ball is holed out.
Holes 13 – 18 Scramble

$10 Entry

Winner Take All  Ties Split
2 Divisions, Men’s & Seniors (60 and older)
Postings Start as of May 1st and End Sept 30th

Check in with the golf shop to get started

Rules of the Game :

  1. Only 9 or 18 hole score rounds can count
  2. League Scores are eligible
  3. No mulligan holes
  4. Own Ball events are eligible
  5. Must have a playing partner and scores verified with golf shop and entered  in handicap
  6. Record lowest score on each hole. Once entered it can not be adjusted
  7. All holes not scored by Sept 30th will be entered as a Double Bogey
  8. No post dating—48hr limit