$10 Entry

Winner Take All  Ties Split
2 Divisions, Men’s & Seniors (60 and older)
Postings Start as of May 1st and End Sept 30th

Check in with the golf shop to get started

Rules of the Game :

  1. Only 9 or 18 hole score rounds can count
  2. League Scores are eligible
  3. No mulligan holes
  4. Own Ball events are eligible
  5. Must have a playing partner and scores verified with golf shop and entered  in handicap
  6. Record lowest score on each hole. Once entered it can not be adjusted
  7. All holes not scored by Sept 30th will be entered as a Double Bogey
  8. No post dating—48hr limit

Good ole boys hitting a couple balls after lunch and just enjoying the sun…

Chilly but good shootin Weather…

Wow what a day and event…

Congrats to all if you were there you were a winner!

Pull – pull… fore – fore…


It’s a go! You can still sign up. 2 person teams. Might be a bit of a frost delay to start but the afternoon is looking better. The golf gods are being prayed to.
9 shooting clay stations mid morning start then the famous Ranch Burger 🍔 then 18 hole 2 person scramble… Prizes follow…

Saturday, April 21st

TAXES are Done now lets shoot & play golf!


Don’t miss out!
Entry Fee increases as of Friday the 20th – an additional $25 per team

Sign Up Now


9 station sporting clay course, 18 holes of golf with cart, lunch, , ammunition shells, eye and ear protection, tee prizes
An event where teams of 2 compete together in a round of golf and a round of sporting clays.  Scores from both events are combined for an overall winner.

It’s official we are now a

Schedule some time to get your grips checked and possibly look at getting new ones for the  season.


Little chilly but golf is good… Reports from course yesterday were awesome. First Friday couples next week, ladies are already talking that guys are in for it….. Fun 9 holes and dinner.

Guns &Golf Saturday. If you are planning on playing please sign up with the golf shop. Be a part of the first annual….