October Stimpmeter at the ranch

Thanks to our amazing turf crew, the greens here at the ranch are still rolling great even in October. The videos of the process are now on our YouTube site which can be found here.

We also used a what is called DRYJet process this fall to add firmness to greens and bring sand 7″ deep with the top dress/punch system. We feel the entire project was a success and plan to continue with DRYjet next spring. Let us know your thoughts on how YOUR greens are rolling…..

Spirit of the game

Oktoberfest… 27 holes, sunshine and fun…

Great white north golfers

Course is in really good shape. Despite frosty mornings conditions are perfect. Come in down for a few more rounds…

Always at the end of the rainbow..

Your pot of gold golf property.

No 6 new hill

Paving continues and so does play… Come try the new paths😨

#6 hill has been relieved from the dust monster

Pavers have finally gotten to the climb up to our one tree wonder hole #6. The course face lift – new paths feel amazing, nice and quiet. Thank you to our ownership for making this long awaited course aesthetic come to fruition.

Kootnia Kup Update

First year in the books. Sad to say but WC could not get a team together and had to forfeit the Kup. Next years event will be hosted by the WC with dates TBA. ISR will retain the Kup until then. 

Isr mens final

Men’s league final

Great times on Tuesday evenings at the ranch. Isr men finished the season league play with a tribute to the 9/11 never forget promise….
Zach white and john Acord won the title and Doug Smith won the big pot proxie on #6…..

It’s happening

Cart paths being paved and look fantastic. It been a long time coming. Thanks to the Isr consumer for your support which makes these upgrades possible… Greens are perfect right now. Come out and test the new paths. Wow… They feel Great!