No Charge putter evaluations while you shop at ISR

  1. Grip – do you need to change

  2. Path – what is it really doing

  3. Video – ball roll vs loft

  4. Face – where is the ball starting

  5. Posture – can you see the line

Thank You

As we gather with friends and family this week, let us not forget to reflect and remember what others have done for us. Join us this Veteran’s Day week in honoring those who selflessly answered the call to serve this great nation.This week, we hope you enjoy the blessings of freedom, but even more, we hope you stand with us to show love, appreciation and support for the ones who make it possible.

This Veteran’s Day week, help honor our veteran’s and support their families. We are beyond grateful for the support

ISR’s Own

Good Tunes, Good Eats

Schedule of Appearances

Abayance Bay Restaurant Friday the 15th 6-8pm

Trappers Saloon Wednesday the 20th 4-7pm

Cross country in Lincoln county on a cold but sunny afternoon at the ranch.

Isr Oktoberfest…final

Congrats to all winners and thanks for hanging at the ranch! See you again soon, the course is open until the end of the month and in great shape.

The Golf shop will remain open for the holiday season.

15th club