Alignment Priority

This Hank Haney video hits it on the head. I see this all the time on the range watching you guys hit balls.

Foot Position Turned 3 Degrees Right — Hank Haney University

Titleist Club 7 ISR Member Special

Titleist Club 7 Bag ISR Member Special

Name That Guy

Can you name the gentleman in the photo?
Hint: Builder Brothers

Anyone skiing let’s see some winter golf and ski shots…

Great Off Season Mirror Drill

The important part of this practice, thanks to well renown instructor Jim McLean,  is making sure you do not Reverse Pivot. Practice the Stop & Go using a mirror and check your right side stack NOT sway. Start your downswing by firing your hips and lower body first. The sequence of this drill practice without a ball will pay off when we tee it up this spring.

If you need help or have questions please respond. We are here to help you grow your game.

ISR Puppy Invitational

“What Club you hitting, Looks long today?”

” I think it’s a 6 Iron from here, where is that number plate...

“I’m getting the 5 Iron it’s a little cold out”

Winter Walks at the Ranch are beautiful..

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Like you really need another CYBER MONDAY EMail…

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